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Spelling List

Spelling Words:

All twenty of the follwing spelling words will be part of your spelling test.

yawn    taught    salt    lawn    halls

hauls    hawks    squawk    bought    bawls

drawing    caused    paused    crawled    coughing

walrus   autumn    joyful    coins    spoiled


Bonus Words: 

Two of the following words will be given as bonus words.

magnificent    masterpiece    ingredient    recipes     tasty

Dictation Sentences:

Two of the following sentences will be given as part of your spelling test.

1. The hiker paused to hear the hawks squawk as they flew over the woods. 

2. Sadly, the dust from the lawn caused all of us to start coughing.

3. We were told that the art teacher taught drawing during the atumn months.

4. That train hauls salt that was bought to use during the snow storm.