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Spelling and Dictation

Weekly Spelling Word Lists and Dictation Sentences

Both dictation sentences will be used on the Dictation Test


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Weekly Spelling Lists

Unit 1, Week 1  

clap    step   sick   rock   luck    crop    snack    mess    head    shut    miss   stamp  jump     click  pond  bathtub  anthill   cat  can  man

Unit 1, Week 2

date  fine   rose   lake   life   home    safe   rice   globe   plane   wise   smoke   grade   smile   come   sneeze   escape   clap  crop   sick

Unit 1, Week 3

fail   bay   pail   ray   plain   tray   trail   may   braid   sway   gray   plays   paint   snail   great   lady   afraid    safe    globe   rice  

Unit 1, Week 4

gold    bowl    soak   sold   snow   loaf   roast   coast   scold   coal   slow   grows   show   float   blow   window   program   snail   gray   plain

Unit 1, Week 5

mild   sky   pie   might   find   fight   ties   right   fry   tight   child   flight   bright   buy   dye   wind   children   soak   bowl   gold

Unit 1 Review List:





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