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Michelle Beavers

Welcome to my site! 

My name is Michele Beavers, and I have my Masters’ in School Counseling K-12.  I also have completed my Psychological Examiner certificaiton and in the process of completing my Licensure to be a mental health counselor. 

I have enjoyed getting to know the students and their families here at Lee Hunter.  I was previously the 8th grade counselor at the Junior High, so I know some of the families already.   I will be going into the classrooms each month to work with your students on different topics.  For example- I worked with the 3rd and 4th graders last month on “flipping their flops”.  We discussed how everyone makes mistakes and that every mistake is a learning opportunity. 

This month I will be getting to go into the 1st-4th grade classes and will be talking about Healthy Choices.  Then toward the end of the month we will have Red Ribbon Week.  There will be dress up days, door decorating, and many activities for the staff and students.  October is also Bully awareness, I feel the word Bully has become an over used word, so I prefer to work on how to be Kind to each other, Respect, and what to do if you see someone being Bullied.  I also like to work on how not to be a victim.  So we will address these things over the next few weeks/months as well.

In November we will work on College and Career Readiness.  I am going to plan a career event for the students as well.

Please feel free if you have quesitons/concerns or if there is anything I can help you with in order to help your student be successful. 


Michele Beavers

Michelle Beavers

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