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About the Teacher

Hi, my name is Michelle Taylor.  I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science degree from Southeast Missouri State University in 2002.  I later obtained a masters degree in the area of Teaching and Technology through William Woods University.  


Lee Hunter is near and dear to my heart.  So many outstanding teachers have walked through these doors, taught, and retired, teaching me many things before they left.  I did my student teaching here in first grade and loved it, with Mr. Mayes as the principal.  I then got my first teaching job here and taught first grade for 14 years, alongside my mother, who taught first grade at Scott County Central for many years. 


Currently, I teach 3rd grade.  This is my fifth year having taught 3rd grade.  I continue to love my job.  I am passionate about teaching children, working with my awesome coworkers, and just living life!  

Michelle Taylor

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